Customer Comments


Dear Raymond,

I got the knife today as expected and I am damned near speechless. The

quality is matchless, the fit and finish without flaw, and with a

simple beauty I cannot describe.

Thank you very much. I look forward to purchasing many more knives

from you in the future.



I truly admire the workmanship in the knife and sheath. The pictures are great, but being able to hold the knife, feel its weight and see it 3D emphasizes the care that you spent crafting it. Every detail in the blade and handle is perfect. I'm somewhat in awe of the Damascus process - that layers of steel can be forged together to make the blade is amazing and the patterns are beautiful to look at.


The knife is something that I'll enjoy for years to come.


Just got the knife from the post office. What a great piece of work it is! Thank you very much!  KH


I just wanted to take a moment and send you my compliments on the outstanding quality, craftsmanship and beauty of your knives! I am very impressed. I used mine a lot and it took everything I put it through without any problem.  DR. B.M.


just got back from Texas & got the two knives you sent, they are indeed

unique, i must say i love them, thank you very much .. M.M. New Jersey

I got the knife upon return to my office today.  You were right when you said that the picture did not do the knife justice.  It is beautiful, and for which I thank you.  Please keep me posted with regard to any new pattern welded knives.  I am just in awe of your abilities.   J.L.


I received the knife and was genuinely surprised at the time it took to get it to me.  My birthday is the 11th, and it makes for a nice early present to myself.  The picture did not do justice to this knife, however.  It is absolutely gorgeous!  I thank you for allowing me to own another of your impeccablly designed and created knives.  Not that it means anything, you are now the premier knifemaker in the country as far as I am concerned.  Your work, your pricing, and your integrity will live long into the future.  J.L.B.


I was admiring your knives on your website. I got to have one. Your work is some of the best I’ve seen.  D.D.

Mr. Coon,

I have received the knife I ordered - #9249! As always

it is of the finest quality & craftsmanship! I'm in

awe of the immense amount of detail & beauty your

knives have!

Thanks very much!  B.G.


Hi Raymond,

Please forgive me for waiting all this time to write to you!

As you know, I received the dagger almost immediately after you sent  

it. I just wanted to let you know that it is magnificent! Thank you  

very much, I am delighted.  K.S.


dear raymond

i have all ready receiv it

she is beautiful

thank's a lot

it's a realy nice work  V.A.


Those knifes and axes are magificent iam a slaughterman and live in australia what would postage be to australia.


any info would be great mate.


Dear Raymond

The Bowie Knife arrived safely today.


I feel very priviledged to own such a wonderful piece of craftmanship.  Thank you.


It will be much cared for over the years ahead.  R.C.


Dear Mr. Coon,

I have owned one of your fabulous knives for almost 2 years now. My wife bought it as a wedding gift for me. I have to say it is by far one of the most superior knives i have ever owned. I treasure the knife and I have to show it off when ever i can , and guess what! People drool over your work! Me and my Wife Would like to Thank You for all the great work!  I.S.&M.L.


Received the knife today.

It is amazing.  Couldn't be happier.  Fits my hand perfectly.  

Beautiful!  Can't wait to use it.

Thanks  KL


         I received my beautiful knife and it is all I could have hoped for. Your fine workmanship is appreciated. Please let me know of any new knives as they become available.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Your very satisfied customer, JM

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